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No doubt Bitcoin is the safest bet for Crypto Investors. But Alt Coins (all other crypto coins) can give higher returns in shorter period. Some investors create lot of hype about coins in social media just to push the value of the Cryptos they are holding. Do not read such news and invest. It is possible to manipulate, artificially increase daily volume and prices of some cryptos and hence don't just depend on these numbers to chose the right coin for you. Invest in 3 to 5 different crypto currencies.
Where there is money, there are scams. Cloud Mining is a scam. If you want to be a crypto miner, have your own equipment and start mining. Do not invest with Middlemen. Crypto exchanges do not accept payment from 3rd parties. They don't give pay out to 3rd parties too. Even your spouse or parents can not fund your trading account or get payout from your trading accounts. Open trading account with reputed exchanges only. If in doubt, ask us, we can help. Do not invest with so called 'fund managers' who assure you fixed returns or high returns. DO NOT INVEST WITH FOREIGN EXCHANGES.
People have lost money to hackers. Hackers have stolen millions from some exchanges too. If you are saving your crypto coins in your crypto wallets you need to learn how to keep them safe from hackers. It is also important to have a good password and keep it safe. Bitcoins worth billions of dollars is lost forever because the owners forgot the password. They didn't really bother to remember it because they bought bitcons for almost free or for very low amount. Most of the Indian exchanges don't send you the currencies but save them in their own wallets. It is their head ache to keep the coins safe. If you want to have the currrencies in your crypto wallet learn some basics on wallets and how to keep them safe. We plan to have 1 chapter exclusively for Crypto wallets in our book.
The knowledge we provide in this website and eBook is more than enough to invest in Crypto Currency. Signals won't make you money. Your strategies will. If you want to be a short term trader, it is advisable to have some knowledge of technical analysis. We can offer initial hand holding and one month trade signals for a nominal fee.
Martingale is a dangerous strategy when you are in to margin trading. But Crypto trading in India is done without using leverage, Martingale strategy is not so dangerous. We advise caution and warn not to use very small gap between two trades.
Martingale strategy is to double your position every time the market goes against you. For example you buy 100 coins at Rs. 21, buy 200 coins at Rs. 20, 400 coins at Rs. 19, 800 coins at Rs. 18 and close all positions when market rebounds to Rs. 19.
Risk to Reward Ratio doesn't hold good here. You are taking more risk to earn less profits. We do not recommend this strategy. Martingale strategy is very dangerous for coins where volatality is high and less dangerous for stable coins like Tether. If you want to use Martingale strategy in Tether, use a gap of minimum 50 paisa.
Margin trading is extremely dangerous and less than 1% traders make money in margin trading worldwide. Even raders with 10 to 20 years of experience lose in margin trading. Many foreign brokers allow margin trading. India may ban margin trading and that will be a good news for Crypto market.
Indians are not allowed to send money to foreign brokers to open trading accounts. Whether you use debit or credit cards or wire transfer, it is illegal to send money for margin trading.
Yes, you can earn free coins by offering your services as Crypto Miner or Staker. You need your own hardware and cheap electricity to mine crypto currencies. You need some inestment and crypto wallet to earn money staking Crypto Currencies. Do not be a victim of cloud mining scams.

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