Crypto Investments in India

India is one of the top 5 Crypto Currency markets in the world.

Due to uncertainity about legality of investing and trading Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies, India was late in catching the Bitcoin bus. Now, India is one among the top 5 countries in the world in Crypto Currency Investments with nearly 1.5 crore Indians having trading account with some Crypto Exchange in India. New bill to regulate Crypto Trading in India is awaiting Cabinet nod and may be tabled in the parliament as early as March 2022.

With Indian Stock Markets reaching over bought levels and decling Gold prices Indians have good alternate option to invest their money in Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies. Crypto Market is expected to reach 10 Trillion Dollars by 2030 which gives a scope to earn good returns on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indian Government did try to ban Crypto trading as they fear that Crypto currencies may be used for money laundering and terror financing. However Supreme Court came to the resque of Crypto traders and exchanges and ordered the Government and Banks to lift such bans. Crypto trading is likely to be regulated in India in 2021 or 2022 which will make investors' funds more safe. At present Crypto exchanges in India are not regulated and there are possibilities of new SEBI like authority regulating Crypto trading and exchanges in near future.
No, you don't need any technical knowledge to invest in Crypto. You don't have to understand blockchain to invest in Crypto. Some basic knowledge of Crypto market you find in this website is more than enough to start investing in Crypto. Our eBook on Crypto trading will be available in your language soon. Just enter your email id below in the footer or send us a WhatsApp message and we will inform you when the book is available for sale.
Demat accounts are for Stock trading. You need a trading account with a Crypto exchange to trade in Crypto Currencies. You can sign up and complete account opening formalities within 10 minutes. You can use your smart phone to take picture of your PAN card and Aadhar Card to upload the same to open the account. Contact us on WhatsApp and we will assist.
Your deposists will hae some insurance when you invest with a regulated crypto exchange. Since crypto trading is not regulated in India, there is no such guarantee available for investors. It requires huge investment to start a crypto exchange. So, these exchanges are not fly by night companies. Cryto exchanges make huge income from commissions. Chances of these exchanges closing down or running away with your money is very less. Invest with a reputed company which is financially very sound. More details provided in our eBook
It is not advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. Crypto trading has same risk as Stock Markets or Commodity or Currency Trading. If you are in to any kind of margin trading like Online Forex Trading, we surely recommend you to close those trading accounts and shift to Crypto Trading. No one makes money in margin trading. We do accept gold prices to fall in next 10 years. You can perhaps reduce your investment in Gold and shift to asset classes which have lower risks. Do not liquidate your stock positions. Taking partial profits is advisable.
Crypto trading is speculative in nature and invest only your risk capital. Risk Capital means money that you can afford to lose. If your entry in Crypto is not good, you may have to wait for real long time to earn profits and there are possibilities of losses too.
You are the best person to answer this question. Invest an amount that you can forget for next 5 to 7 years.

Top 10 Crypto Currencies

No. Symbol Coin Market Cap Supply Gain in Past 12 Months
1 BTC Bitcoin $829,398,852,345 $832,582,072,078 302%
2 ETH Ethereum $378,584,217,498 117,179,221 704%
3 ADA Cardano $80,259,384,212 32,127,741,925 1812%
4 XRP Ripple $57,965,793,545 46,471,846,087 XRP 335%
5 DOGE Dogecoin $42,237,073,241 130,936,375,962 9371%
6 ETC Ethereum Classic $8,911,979,918 129,074,711 898%
7 BCH Bitcoin Cash $12,418,401,695 18,822,531 132%
8 DOT Polkadot $26,427,854,588 987,576,851 896%
9 SOL Solana $20,522,068,249 286,583,547 2489%
10 BNB Binance Coin $72,020,896,727 168,137,036 1,848%

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