New to Crypto Trading? Not sure which Crypto Currency to buy and how much to buy? You can try our Advisory Service. We offer initial hand holding to investors. Fee is Rs. 10,000 per year for 1 hour of Telephone / WhatsApp consultancy.

What do you get from us?

We will not be assigning any of our staff to help you with your financial goals. Our CEO will interact directly with you over Phone and Whatsapp to guide you on how much to invest and when to take positions. Our service is mainly for investors, not day traders. You will also get messages (frequency of 1 message per month) from us advising to take partial profits and re enter at better levels. Just buy and forget it may not be a good idea for Crypto investments

Portfolio Management Service

Includes Risk Management and Money Management. You must invest for minimum of 5 years. We will be taking decisions on entry and exit and also on how much to invest in each Currency and how much to keep in reserves. Minimum investment value should be Rs. 10 Lacs or US$ 15,000. Our fee is 10% of the profits till you earn 100% profits and 20% of the profits once you withdraw your initial capital. We do not talk about monthly returns or assured returns.

Interested? Just WhatsApp on +91 8762882301

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